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Some customers don't make purchases right on the first time they click on an affiliate link. In order to track the sales made by that customer on the same browser/device, our system always leave a trace in the browser's cookie. Within a certain period of time, UpPromote can track all orders made via that browser/device and consider them as referral orders, even if they don't click on the affiliate link again.

Setting the Cookie time can help you decide how long the tracking works after a customer clicks on an affiliate link. You can change the Cookie period by going to Settings > System settings > General > Brand.

The tracking will start from the moment a customer clicks on the affiliate's link. If he clicks on the affiliate link again, the Cookie period starts over.

Within the cookie time you've set, every order made by this customer in your shop will automatically result in commissions tracked for the affiliate. There's no need for the customer to click on the affiliate link then, but that customer needs to use the same device and browser as they did the first time to make a purchase.

For example, you set Cookie time at 30 days.

  • For 30 days, if the customer buys anything from your shop, the commission will be credited to the affiliate.

  • From Day 31 onward, any purchases from the customer not through the affiliate link will give the affiliate NO commission.

The maximum value of Cookie time is 3652 days (10 years).

If you have multiple programs, you can also set different cookie periods for each program.

Note: If you set Cookie time as 0, the system won't be able to track orders using affiliate links anymore, while tracking by coupons still works.

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