Auto approve orders

Settings > System setting > General > Notifications & others > Auto approve orders

By default, whenever an order is brought to you by an affiliate, its status will be pending. You need to review its eligibility, then decide whether to approve or deny it.

You can only process payouts for approved referrals.

Manually reviewing and approving each referral might be very time-consuming, especially when you have a good affiliate team who bring referrals regularly. By turning on Auto approve orders, all newly tracked referrals will be approved automatically without waiting for you to review.

Delay time to auto approve orders

If you want to automatically approve referrals after a certain amount of time, you can set a delay time by entering a preferred period into the Delay time to auto-approve orders field. Set it to 0 days if you want the system to approve orders immediately once recorded.

Good practice: If your store has a 30-day return policy, set Delay time to auto-approve orders to 30 days.

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