Add Landing page to store pages

Here are the steps to add the Landing page as one page on your store, so customers can visit and sign up for your referral program:

1. Create a Shopify page template:

Firstly, navigate to your Shopify admin panel > Online store > Themes > click Customize next to your active theme.

In the Theme editor, locate Home page at the header and select Pages, then hit Create template.

Name the template and leave it as Default page. Then click Create template to save it.

After the new template is created, you can choose to hide the default display from the template.

2. Add section to the template:

The next step is to add the UpPromote landing page as a section to the template.

Click Add section > access the Apps tab and choose Referral Signup Form - UpPromote Affiliate. As a result, the UpPromote landing page will appear on the template as you can see in the Preview screen. You can also edit the section corners and margin in the right panel.

Don't forget to click Save when you're done.

3. Add a page for the template:

Now go back to Online store > Pages > click Add page. Then enter a title for the new page and select the template you've just created above in the Theme template field.

4. Add the page to store menu:

To add the new page to your store's menu, navigate to your Shopify Navigation and access your main menu.

In the Main menu, click Add menu item. Enter a name for the page and apply it to the page you've created in step 3. Finally, click Add, then Save to finish the process.

Here is an example of the landing page that is displayed on your store page:

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