Referral List

Referral Status:

There are 4 different statuses for referrals. Upon your decision and action, the status will be shown accordingly.

  1. Pending: This is the default status when the referral is recorded. In this stage, you can choose to approve or deny the order upon review.

  2. Approved: Once you click approve, the referral will change to the Approved status. With this way, this referral will be included in the payment on Payouts tab so you can process the payment later.

  3. Deny: Once you click deny, the referral will change to the Deny status. With this way, the referral will be denied and you will not need to pay for it.

  4. Paid: Once the referral is successfully marked as paid, it will automatically change to paid status.

For the first 2 statuses (Approved and Deny), you can undo (in case you change your mind) in this tab.

Order details:

In order to review the order and check the needed information, you can always have a look at the order details. The information will be synced directly from your Shopify admin and the commission will be calculated and shown to you as well.

If you want to deeply check any order, you can click the on the order ID and it will redirect you to your Shopify admin.

Tracking Types:

Once a referral is recorded within our app, it will come along with its tracking type (method). If you want to check and see how the order is tracked, you can hover to this icon.

In case you want to check the data for your analytic purposes, you can click the Tracking Type columns to see how everything is going.

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