Store Credit

Available from the Growth plan

Using Store Credit as a payment method helps you send commissions to affiliates in the form of Store discount codes. These, like any other Shopify discount codes, cannot be withdrawn directly in the form of money. Affiliates can only use these discount codes to purchase products in your store.

Tips: You can create multi-programs in which one program is with normal payment methods and the other is only paid with Store credit. This feature acts like a loyalty program that rewards customers and keeps them coming back.

Activate Store Credit

To activate Store Credit as a payment method, go to Settings > Payment > Payment settings > Select Store Credit > Save.

You can click on the gear icon here to select specific programs that offer Store Credit:

Tips: You can select Store Credit as the default payment method for all affiliates in a specific program by following this instruction.

Advance: Store Credit self-redemption

To allow affiliates to generate coupons on their own, you can allow self-generated coupons while setting up Store credit. By turning this setting on, an affiliate's commission will be paid and accumulated in a Store credit wallet, the affiliate can generate their coupon at any time with any value.

You can set up the maximum and minimum redeemable amount of a coupon an affiliate can create.

You can see how to process the payment and how it displays in the affiliate's account HERE.

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