Track your affiliates' performance

On Dashboard, you can keep track of the performances of your affiliates with numbers of graphics, charts and data tables.
Specifically, you can observe the affiliates' overall performances with important metrics including clicks, orders, sales in form of line graphs. You can choose whether to view all programs' performances or each program's. Moreover, you can fully customize the time range in order to keep track of your team in different time periods. With the line graphs, you can have yourself the comparison between affiliates in different programs as well as in different time ranges.
Next, there're some pie charts that sum up your financial results within a selected time range.
There's a chart that helps you to easily compare the revenue of total referrals with the commission amount you have to pay your affiliates. Another chart helps to remind the amount of approved - but not paid - commission beside the paid one.
If you find the graphics above not containing enough information for your measurement, the Top affiliates table would help. In this table, each affiliate will be listed with some detailed information such as number of clicks, number of referral orders, revenue they bring and the commission amount they get,...
You can use the filter to sort/arrange affiliates in the descending or ascending order in each column.
Also via this table, you can choose whether to review all programs or each program:
Above are the description of tracking graphics showing on the merchant's dashboard.
For details about product analytics, read the following document.