How do I get started as a UpPromote affiliate?

Once you complete the account signup process, there are a couple more actions that will ensure your success as a UpPromote Affiliate.

1. Log into your affiliate account

Please note that to start finding the best offers, you need to log in to your account first by clicking the button Login on the right corner of the Secomapp website.

2. Connect your different affiliate accounts in the Secomapp system.

If you already had an account in the UpPromote system, you totally can connect all of them to control your affiliate marketing plan perfectly. To sync your accounts in Secomapp Marketplace, you can visit the tab "Account Information"

Enter the affiliate account email which is created on and click Send to sync.

3. Take a look at "My Offers" to check your performance and get your affiliate link.

UpPromote provides you the statistic of your affiliate marketing performance which includes total amounts of pending/ approved/ paid commission. Besides, you can see the total clicks, orders in real-time in the form of charts.

4. How to get my affiliate link to start promoting?

All of your activated offers would provide you the referral link or coupon. Those are the keys for you to go for promoting and get as much as commission. By clicking on View account on the offer like the picture below, you could enter your account and get your affiliate link/coupon.

5. Find Offers

Click tab Find Offers to discover thousands of offers on UpPromote Marketplace and get the exclusive ones for you.

Click on Sort by to collect the options which fit your need.

Use the Search and Filter Smart Tool to reach out to the offers that you're finding.

Walking through all the guides would be so good for affiliates, and please feel free to hit the Support button or send an email to [email protected] all the time if you need us to give you a hand.

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