Manual payment process

Payments in our app can be processed manually or automatically (via PayPal Integration).

For the manual payment process, please be notice that the system will not actually pay your affiliate or connect to any of your payment methods. The app only supports to gather affiliate payment details so you can make payment.

In case you haven't set up payment method, see instruction HERE

1. Go to Payments tab, commission will be listed per affiliate (only approved referral orders will be displayed on Payments)

You can see referral detail be clicking See referrals:

2. To start paying, click Process Payment

3. A pop up will show with payment details (Amount, Payment method, Payment info). You will send payment outside the app with these details (Amount can be customized)

Note: In case you want to send payout to some selected referrals on the list (not all), you can click Select referrals button:

It will then direct you to a page where you can choose which referrals to pay, you can also use the time filter to select a time range within which the referrals are made. Tick on referrals and click Pay these referrals:

After sending payment, you can take note for yourself (private) or send a message to your affiliate to avoid further confusion.

4. After finishing paying outside the app and filling in all the details, click Mark as paid to inform your affiliate

5. All the paid transactions will be displayed on Paid tab, you can Undo payment any time you want.

After a payment is done, it will be shown on the Affiliate account like this: