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Add more form fields

Update: You can now sort the order of the form fields as well as add form fields with two new types: Dropdown and Multiple checkboxes (Scroll down below for more details).
To view/edit form fields in the Affiliate registration form, go to Settings > Affiliate admin > Registration form > Form fields.
In the default form, we leave it with some basic fields, but you can add unlimited fields to collect more information from affiliates.
There are 5 Input types you can choose when adding a new field: Short answer, Long answer, Checkbox, Dropdown, and Multiple checkboxes.
With Dropdown and Multiple checkboxes, you can add several options for affiliates to select in the field while registering, which can help you obtain more useful information from affiliates.
To edit a field, please click the Edit button next to each field.
You can then change the Field label, or add/remove options for Dropdown and Multiple checkboxes.
If you consider any field compulsory, check the box Required.
After finishing creating form fields, you can sort their order to prioritize the important information by clicking Sort form field. The sorting list will show selected form fields.
To sort form fields, drag and drop them to change their order. Any new fields selected will appear on this list in real time. To save the new order, click Save.
After you complete editing form fields, don't forget to click Save changes.