Registration form editor

How to customize the registration form
Each program you created in UpPromote has a separate registration form. To edit/customize form(s), please go to Settings > Affiliate admin > Registration form.
Next, select the program that you want to edit the form.
On the left panel, there are the parts of the form that you can edit. After editing the form, don't forget to click Save Changes.


This helps change the font of all texts on the form.


You can set an image as the background or just change the background color.
To change the background color, click on the small square in the Page background color box to open the color board. It will help you to pick a color without knowing the color codes.
Similar to Background, but for the left panel of the form.

Logo and Title

If you want to show the brand logo on the form, switch "Show logo" on.
You can change the form title text and its color as well.

Benefits text

The Benefits text section will briefly show the benefits the affiliates would get if they joined your program. You can switch it on/off to show/hide the section or edit its content.

Form fields

You can change the color of the fields' titles and the input.
To add fields to the form, select them from the field list. In case you don't find the field you want to add, you can click Add your own field:
To change the order of the fields, click Sort form fields.
To either edit the field title or remove the field, use these 2 buttons:


Switch this on to add a CAPTCHA to the form. It helps prevent spammers and bots from signing up.


In this section, you can change the color/text of the Login button or Submit button.

Terms & Conditions

The T&C and Policies will be shown at the bottom of the form like this:
Click the eye-icon buttons to see samples of T&C and Policies. If you want to use the samples, click Use sample Terms/ Use sample Policy.


If you have this function activated, a scroll-down button will be available so that affiliates can easily translate the whole form into their language.

Custom CSS

You can freely use CSS codes to customize the registration form, or the Thank you page (which the affiliate will see after submitting the form). If you have some ideas to customize those but don't know what codes to use, please contact us via in-app chat. We will be more than happy to provide you with the proper CSS codes.

Social sharing

You can view or edit what the link preview of the registration form looks like once you share it on social platforms.