Message bar

For the customers, buying through an affiliate link is sometimes confusing, they might browsing your site while having no idea who they are actually referred from. In that case, you should add a message to let your visitors know from whose link they are accessing your store.
The message bar will be shown on top of your Shop, on every page (except the checkout page). You can customize the message to any text as you wish, as well as edit the font size, text color, or the bar background color.
Simply go to Settings > Advance > Message Bar > edit the Message settings > Save changes. You can see the preview right below the settings:
When adding the message, you can also add a tag of {affiliate_name} or {company} to clarify who the customer is buying from.
Note: To apply the tag {Company}, be noted that your affiliate registration form needs to contain a field called Company.
Plus, you have an option to show a message to your customers if they DON'T buy through an affiliate link. This section helps you to remind your visitors of accessing the site through a referral link (it's especially effective when you work with a non-profit organization):
After adding the text, click Save changes and you can preview the message bar in the Preview section below or test it on your live site.
Note: After saving changes of Message bar at first setup or when you publish new Themes, please click on the link provided on the right banner of Settings page to enable the function on your Themes, then save to show Message bar widget on your website.