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Proactively find affiliates
We understand that you're seeking potential brand ambassadors in order to establish a strong affiliate team. For users who listed the offer on UpPromote Marketplace and currently are on the Growth or above plans, this function will help you to reach to the potential affiliates in our network. You'll be given access to a list of affiliate profiles, from which you can choose the perfect affiliates to directly invite to join your affiliate program.
Below is the detailed instruction on how to use this feature.
Step 1: Go to tab "Marketplace listing" in the app and click the button.
Step 2: Be navigated to "Find affiliates" page on our marketplace website
Step 3: Click "Invite" button to send your invitation
Step 4: Edit the email content and click Send
This feature is currently on the beta version. As a result, the existing list of affiliate profiles does not include all affiliates in the Marketplace network, and is now being updated regularly.
This feature is only available on Growth or above plans of UpPromote and for users who listed the offer on UpPromote Marketplace.
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Last modified 1mo ago
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