Product analytics

With Product analytics, you can view detailed analytics of most preferred products in general and most referred products by Affiliate of your shop within the last 30 days.
This feature helps you as well as the affiliates to identify which product is preferred the most within your shop so your team can put more effort into promoting that specific item.
To enable Product analytics, go to Settings > Analytics > switch on Orders analytics > click Sync order to allow our system to analyze orders on your shop. Next, click enable Display on Affiliate Dashboard, the Order items table will be added on your app Dashboard.
The analytics table contains the following information: Product name, product image, total purchased quantity and total sales. Each column can be sorted in descending or ascending order. (For example, if you want to see top products that generate the most revenue, you can click on the Sort icon and choose descending order
On this table, you can choose to view with two options: All products in general or All referred products by affiliates which helps you to compare affiliate performance with your shop performance overall.
Also, affiliate can see this order analytics on their account Dashboard. Affiliate can see most-purchased items on your shop as well as most-bought products that he/she refers:
Order analytics on Affiliate's account
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