Special product commission

Programs > Edit program > Special product commission
The Special product commission function allows merchants to set a special commission rule for each specific product or for all items in a collection. When an affiliate refers someone to purchase a product with a special commission rate, he/she would get the commission based on the special rate instead of the regular program's commission rate.
This feature is useful for products with higher/lower prices or higher/lower profit margins. Merchants can also make use of it for products they want to drive sales by offering a higher commission rate to affiliates.

How to set up?

To set a special product commission, go to Programs > locate a program > click the program name > Special product commission.
Choose to whether add product(s) separately or add a whole collection:
Hover to the option and a list of suggested items will show up.
Choose the item, select the commission type and enter an Amount/Rate, then click Add.

How will the product commission be calculated?

If a customer's order contains a product that is set with a specific commission, the special commission rate will be applied for that product while other product commissions will still be based on the default commission of the program.
  • Product A ($20) has a special 10% commission
  • Product B ($100) is not a special product
  • Program commission is 5%
Customer places an order of one product A and one product B.
=> Commission: $20 x 10% + $100 x 5% = $7
Note: If your program commission is Flat rate per order, when you add a product with a special commission, any order containing that product will generate a double commission (commission for the whole order will be calculated based on the program setting and commission for special products)