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PayPal Payout

Available on the Professional plan or above
In order to pay your affiliates right from UpPromote, you need to set up PayPal integration in Settings > Integration. Find our detailed instructions for PayPal integration here.

Process the payout

Once you connect your PayPal account, you can start paying affiliates automatically via Management > Payouts > PayPal Payout:
You can choose to pay one affiliate at a time or select multiple affiliates to process bulk payments.
Click Process Payment and a popup will be shown with the referrals' Total amount, Email subject, Messages to your affiliate, Google authentication code or Payout password (depending on the security method you setup at PayPal integration).
In case you need to input Google Authentication code, open Google Authentication app on your phone > enter the number string shown on your phone screen (6 characters).
The Google authentication code will be valid within 30s only, after 30s, the code will be refreshed.
After that, click Confirm and send money.

Review your transaction

The transaction's status will be shown on History tab. You can review if the transaction is Processing or Processed.
You can also click on Payment details to see the breakdown of each transaction in case you process Bulk payment:
Once the transaction is completed, it will be shown on the Affiliate's account > Payment:
Learn more about Schedule auto-payment HERE