Manually add a referral
In order to add commission manually, go to Referrals > Add referral
You can choose to add a referral using the Order ID or add a fixed amount commission.

Use Order ID

If you choose to Add referral using the order ID, you need to enter the order ID as well as the affiliate's name/email. Our system will automatically calculate the commission based on the order value and affiliate program's commission rate.
In case that referral order has been added to an affiliate, you won't be able to add it to another affiliate.

Fixed amount

There are some cases when you need to add a fixed commission amount to an affiliate:
  1. 1.
    Give out a bonus for an affiliate: If an affiliate did an outstandingly job and you want to incentivize them with a little bit bonus, you can manually add a referral for that. You can also add a comment to clarify the bonus rule
2. Sell in person
If the order ID doesn't exist in your shop because your representatives sell items directly to customer in person, you can still add a referral commission to affiliate easily.
3. Special cases
When your business rules does not match the app commission rule, you can still flexibly add the commission to the affiliate and add a comment to explain.
Especially, in case of refund, you can add a negative number to balance the previous commission amount.
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