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Custom domain (white-label)
Available in Professional plan or above
If you want to have a custom domain for the affiliate login page, affiliate registration form link or network link instead of the ones that start with af.uppromote.com , you can follow this instruction to change it.
    Log in to your Domain system
    Locate the DNS management tab
    Create a CNAME with the subdomain that you want to use and direct it to our hostname af-partners.uppromote.com , with:
      type: CNAME
      host: You can enter the domain that you want to use
      value: af-partners.uppromote.com
      TTL: default
    Send that domain name to us (via in-app chat or [email protected]). We will then finish customizing the domain name for you.
Example: Your affiliate login link was https://af.uppromote.com/boothstager/login . After being customized, it would look like this: https://partner.boothstager.com/boothstager/login
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