New: Gifts for affiliates

Available in the Professional plan

What are Gifts?

Gifts are free or discounted products that you can send to affiliates as paid commissions manually or welcome packages when they join the program.

Why you should use Gifts for affiliates?

Research shows that 80% of affiliates said that they prefer to register for brands that provide sample products. Setting up a Gift program will help your brand stand out and attract more qualified affiliates.
The brand ambassadors will have real experience with your products and they will share their real thoughts on social media posts, therefore, their followers will have more confidence in following the affiliate's advice.
Customers tend to purchase products that have good reviews from influencers, especially when the brand ambassadors prove that they have used the products before promoting them to their followers.

Set up Gifts

To set up a Gift package, please navigate to Coupons and tools on the left menu > choose Gifts > click on Add gift button.
Firstly, please input the Gift name for this gift package to label it. If you consider sending gifts automatically to affiliates when they join your program and get approved, please check the box and choose the program(s) that you would like to deliver gifts to affiliates who register to these programs.
Secondly, kindly choose the Gift type, which could be Free gift or Discounted product as gift. The free gift allows affiliates to receive total free products while the latter option sends products with discounts only.
With either option, you can choose to charge affiliates with shipping fee or not, which means that even if they get the gifts free, they will still have to pay for the shipping fee to get the products delivered to them. The applied shipping rate will depend on your Shopify store's settings.
Last but not least, you'll need to select products for this gift package. Kindly search for product name on the search bar and add it to the package.
After that, you can select the quantity of that product as well as its variant option to be a specific variant or Allow affiliates to choose their own preferred variant.
After adding all the products for this gift package, kindly then input the number of products that affiliates can choose when claiming this gift. For example, if you select 3 products for the gift but affiliates can only choose 2 of 3 products given, kindly insert 2 in this field.
Once you're done with all settings, click Create gift to complete the process.
The created gift will be appearing on the Gift list like this.
On this page, you can view all the available gifts of your affiliate program with necessary information, edit them or send gifts manually to specific affiliates (Both auto-gift or manual gift can be sent manually).
In case you want to send/delete multiple gifts at a time, kindly check the boxes of these gifts and click on this bulk option.
A Send gift popup will be shown on the screen for you to input specific affiliates' name/email with the selected gift. Kindly then click Send gift to send gifts manually to these affiliates.
For both auto-gift and manual gift, after sending them successfully, you'll be able to review the status of these sent gifts in History tab as well as check for their brief report to know if affiliates have claimed it or not. In case it is Failed, it means that the auto-gift has been failed to be sent due to out of stock/deleted products or variant options.
Note: The claimed status does not necessarily mean that the affiliates have actually claimed it. It is just that the affiliates have clicked on the Claim gift button on their end and they can redeem the gift anytime afterwards.
When gifts are sent successfully to affiliates, they will automatically receive an email telling them that there's a gift for them to claim. You can always edit the template of that email to suit your business's strategy in the Email tab.

Gifts on affiliate account

When gifts are sent successfully to affiliates, they will be notified about it right on their Dashboard. Clicking on Claim button will then redirect them to the Gifts tab so they could redeem the gift.
The sent gift will be showing on Available gift list for affiliates to review and claim. Affiliates can also check for the products they are about to receive by clicking directly on the product's name.
After clicking Claim button, a Claim gift popup will appear on the screen. In this example, affiliates can only redeem 2 of 3 available products, therefore, only 2 boxes can be checked to select products.
Once the products are selected successfully, the system will automatically calculate the Estimated fee that affiliates need to pay to claim the gift.
Note: Kindly be noted that this Estimated fee may not include product tax, shipping fee and shipping tax. Only when affiliates click Next then get the Draft order link to complete the order that it will show the actual total fee.
Shipping fee and taxes might be applied at checkout, if any, based on your Shopify store's settings. Please note that Free gift doesn't have product tax at all as its products are discounted 100%.
After claiming gift successfully, affiliates can go back to Gifts page and check on Gift history to check for this redemption. In case the affiliates haven't had the chance to claim the gift totally, they can always get the draft order link again and place order by clicking on Get link button.
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