Schedule auto-payment

Available in the Professional plan
Note: This feature is still in Beta version so if you would like to enable it, please contact us via in-app live chat or email at [email protected]
Are you looking for an automatic payment solution for your affiliates? We proudly present this brand new feature - Schedule auto payment that allows you to schedule payment to pay affiliates automatically and periodically.

How to set it up?

First of all, in order to enable Auto-payout with PayPal, it is required to enable PayPal integration. Please find the instruction to integrate PayPal to your system here. Kindly also be noted that you'll also need to enable PayPal as payment methods in Settings > Payment > Payment settings so your affiliates could provide their PayPal account information to get paid.
After that, please navigate to Settings > Payment > Schedule payment activate Auto-payout with PayPal toggle. Kindly then choose to Schedule payment on a Specific date or Payment cycle.

Specific date

This option allows you to choose a certain day on which the system will automatically process payments periodically.
If you select Specific date, please choose a Payment day from the calendar as well as Period of the payment. For example, if you select 30 as the Payment day and 1 month as Period (see the image below), the system will automatically process payments to affiliates on the 30th every month.

Payment cycle

When you decide to choose Payment cycle, the system will pay out automatically for you based on the cycle period you set up. Firstly, kindly choose the Period then select the First payment date.
For example, if you select the Period as 20 days and First payment date is 15th December, 2022 (see the image below), the system will pay out affiliates on 15th Dec first then 20 days later, on 4th January, 2023, the affiliates will continue to be paid automatically.

Other settings

Aside from these required fields above that need to be filled out, you'll also have 2 other optional settings to set up, which are Minimum affiliate commission and Maximum payout limit.
With Minimum affiliate commission, you can set up the minimum commission that affiliates have to earn in order to be paid automatically by this feature. For example, if you set this field to be $100 then all affiliates who have gained $100 commission or above will be paid out automatically when it comes to payment date. Meanwhile, affiliates with under $100 commission can be paid manually or leave them to the next Auto-payout period if their accumulated commission reach the Minimum amount.
Here comes another option for you to set up Maximum payout limit, which allows you to input the payout threshold that the system can pay automatically so as to avoid going over budget. For instance, if you set this field to be $1000 and the total payout amount you need to pay affiliates in this month is $1500, the Auto-payout function will be automatically postponed. You'll then need to pay affiliates manually this month.
However, even when the Auto-payout is discarded due to exceeded Maximum payout threshold, you'll still have the option to Auto-payout anyway in PayPal Payout tab.

Terms and conditions

Please be aware that there are certains Terms and conditions that you'll need to agree (check the boxes) before setting up Auto-payout with PayPal, which includes:

PayPal Payout

Once you enable Auto-payout with PayPal successfully, please navigate to Payments tab > PayPal Payout to view all information related like Total payable commission as well as Next payment date so you can review regularly.
Kindly be aware that the Total payable commission will be closed 12 hours prior to the Auto-payout. During the closure time, any additional approved commission will be counted in the next Payout period.
Note: The system will automatically send you emails about Total payable commission, Expected payout date, Maximum payout limit exceeded (if any) 2 days and 12 hours before the Auto-payout. Kindly also be aware that by default, the Auto-payout will be processed on the payment date at 23h59' UTC +0 (UpPromote's system timezone) to ensure consistent payout procedure for all merchants in different timezones.