Advanced: Auto-discount for customers with the affiliate link

If you want an affiliate to get the commission while your customers get a discount automatically when visiting your shop through an affiliate link (without entering coupon code), this is the feature for you.

By activating this feature, the coupon (affiliate coupon or a defined coupon) will be automatically applied when the customer makes a purchase through the affiliate link, so no coupon code needed to be entered manually by the customer.

To enable this feature, go to Program > click edit (the blue button) > Advance > switch on Automatic discount for customers.

In case you choose Discount by affiliate coupon: at checkout, the affiliate coupon (coupon of the affiliate whose link your customer visits your shop through) will be automatically applied. If you enable multiple coupons, our system will use a random affiliate coupon to apply the automatic discount.

In case you choose Discount by a defined coupon: you will need to create a new coupon or use an existing coupon. That coupon will be automatically applied on checkout for all customers no matter which affiliate link the customer used.

Create a new coupon on Discount section in your Shopify store back end first, then enter the coupon value (this coupon must NOT have been assigned to any affiliate before).