Coupon code commissioning

Coupon code commissioning allows merchants to manage the commissioning rules for orders that have a coupon used. You can set a lower or higher commission rate for referrals using coupons than those promoted by links.
To enable Coupon code commissioning for a program, go to Management > Programs > locate the program you want > click Edit program > Advance > switch on Coupon code commissioning.
Please be noted that Coupon code commissioning is only available for the Simple commission rule (not applicable for the Advance: Commission on order value rule).
Coupon code commissioning can be applied to Affiliate coupon (coupons assigned to your affiliates) or Any coupon (including affiliates' coupons and your shop's discount codes that are not assigned to any affiliates)
In the Amount field, you can enter a commission rate that you want to apply for orders using coupons. The commission type will be based on what you set in the Commission structure in the Program settings. For example, if you set the commission type to be Percent of sale above, it will also use that type for Coupon code commissioning.
Note: the Coupon code commissioning rate will not override the Special product commission rate and First commission (on Lifetime commission rate).