Special product commission
The Special product commission function allows merchant to set a special commission rule for each specific product or for all items in a collection. When an affiliate refers someone to purchase a product with a special commission rate, he/she would get the commission based on the special rate instead of the regular program's commission rate.
This feature is useful for products with higher/lower price or higher/lower profit margin. Merchant can also make use of it for products they want to drive sales by offering a higher commission rate to affiliates.

How to set up?

To set a special product commission, go to Program > locate a program > click the blue Edit button > Special product commission.
You can choose whether to add product(s) separately or to add a whole collection:
Type product/collection name and a list of suggested items will show up
Choose the item and select the commission type, then click Add.

How will the product commission be calculated?

If a customer's order contains a product that is set with a specific commission, special commission rate will be applied for that product while other product commissions will still be based on the default commission of the program.
Note: If your program commission is Flat rate per order, when you add a product with special commission, any order contains that product will generate double commission (commission for the whole order will be calculated based on the program setting and commission for special products)