Affiliate guidance

Settings > Affiliate admin > Guide page
Update: New affiliate guide template has been updated as below. The new template is automatically applied to new programs.
Hello {first_name}
Welcome to your affiliate admin portal. This is where you can get more resources and manage your tools in order to promote our brand better.
We have prepared a walkthrough video to get you familiar with the tools and resources:
Important: Please update your payment method. If your payment detail is not specified, you will not be able to receive updates on commission payment. In addition, you can edit your profile and set up the notification options in Settings.
In case you have any question, please contact us by sending an email to {merchant_email}.
Last but not least, for more information, read our quick guides to get started and some tips to grow HERE.
Affiliate guide allows merchants to leave important notes, program highlights, or special announcements for affiliates, which will be displayed on the affiliate’s account. There is a provided default text from the system but the merchant can fully customize the content.
The guide will be displayed in the affiliate account > Guide:
You can also insert links, images (image URL), and videos (video URL) into the content of the Affiliate guide.
In case you have more than 1 program, you can customize the Affiliate guide of each program by switching between programs in the select program dropdown.