Integrations for affiliates

Postback URL

What is postback URL?
Postback, in general, are URLs that are used to transfer the information about conversion. They are sometimes called callbacks, server-to-server (S2S) or cookie-less conversion tracking. Postback allows servers to communicate with each other directly. If a client is not involved, no cookies would be used on a visitor’s computer. Once get activated by a source platform (an affiliate network or tracker), these links would send information to the target platform (a tracker or traffic source) in a blink of an eye.
In short, Postback URL refers to the process of getting notified about a conversion event via a third-party server.
Enabling Postback URL allows your affiliates to enter their postback URL with parameters so the required information will be sent to their third-party server.
A postback URL template looks like:
To enable this integration, go to Settings > Integration > Postback URL > turn the feature on.

Facebook Pixel

Facebook pixel helps the affiliate to embed their Facebook pixel IDs on your store to track pageview/conversion from their affiliate links.
After you enabling Facebook pixel, on the affiliate account, there will be a field called Facebook pixel for the affiliates to enter their pixel ID: