Integrations - Shopify functions

Shopify account list

In order to sync your affiliates' profiles to your Shopify shop's customer list, you can activate Shopify customer sync function. The system will create a customer account for each of your affiliates in your Shopify shop. Simply go to Settings > Integration > Shopify customers/orders > activate Shopify customers.

Order tag

Update: Order tag is available from the free plan, any order tracked by UpPromote will be automatically tagged with UpPromote_order on your Shopify order list.
You are able to create a tag for every referral order tracked by our system. This feature can be used for analyzing and supporting third party integration.
To create an order tag, click Settings > Integration > Order tag > Set up.
Plus, you can add variable {affiliate_id} onto the tag to determine the order from a specific affiliate using Affiliate ID.
Upon analyzing, you can filter your referral order with tags in the Orders section on your Shopify admin page.