Tracking by coupon

Coupon seems to be one of the most popular promotion methods in affiliate marketing. It is recorded by Mediakix in 2020 that 83% of shoppers said that discount codes can influence their purchasing decisions while 97% of US consumers say they look for deals when they shop.

In fact, over 50% of UpPromote users provide their affiliate team with coupons as a promotion method and nearly half of the transactions recorded in the system are through coupon codes. It can be seen that even though coupon tracking is not the primary method, it’s gaining a massive popularity among the usage of merchants who want to grow with affiliate marketing.

Tracking by Coupon allows your affiliates to promote your shop through coupon codes. You can give each affiliate one or more coupon codes and any order made using any of those coupons would become a referral order.

Activate Tracking by coupon

To activate Tracking by coupon feature, visit Settings > General > switch on Tracking by coupon > Save changes.

Assign a coupon to an affiliate

There are two ways to assign a coupon to an affiliate: automatically and manually.

  • To automatically generate a coupon for an affiliate, please read this document.

  • To manually assign coupon, please follow this instruction below:

  1. Create a coupon via your Shopify store's admin page by going to Discounts > Create discount > Discount code.

You will be asked to enter the coupon code description. This will give your affiliate some information about the coupon.

2. To assign a coupon for each affiliate, go to the app > Affiliates & Coupons > Coupons > Add Coupon > enter the required information.

The required information includes the affiliate's name and coupon name. Please be noted to enter the exact coupon created via the Discount section in your Shopify store, and it's case-sensitive.

4. After creating a coupon for the affiliate, it will be shown on the affiliate's dashboard as below:

Any customer using the coupon on their order will result in a referral order and your affiliate commission will be calculated based on the total order after applying the code (not including extra fee such as tax, shipping fee, etc.)

For example:

- When a customer makes a purchase from your shop using a coupon code, that order will be counted as a referral order

- Commission for referral orders using the coupon code will be calculated based on the order value after applying the coupon.