Assign coupons to affiliates
There are two ways to assign a coupon to an affiliate: automatically and manually.
  • To automatically generate coupons for your affiliates, please read this document.
  • To manually assign coupon, open the app and go to Affiliates & Coupons > Coupons > Add Coupon. There're 2 options: Add a new coupon or Use an existing coupon.

Use an existing coupon

If you want to set up a sophisticated rule for the discount of a coupon code, you should choose this option.
  • Firstly, please make sure you had created a discount code via your Shopify store's admin page by going to Discounts > Create discount > Discount code.
  • The affiliate's name and the coupon code are required. Please be noted to enter the exact discount code created via the Discounts section in your Shopify admin page. It's case-sensitive.
  • Click Add coupon to finish assigning the coupon.

Add a new coupon

With this new feature, UpPromote allows you to create a discount code within the app, then assign that code to an affiliate at the same time.
  • Firstly, enter the coupon name, discount type and value.
  • Next, select an affiliate to assign this coupon to. Our system will create this coupon (with the rule you selected) on your Shopify admin's Discounts section.
  • You can also leave a note for the affiliate to explain the coupon rule (which is optional).
  • Click Add coupon to finish assigning the coupon.

Coupon use

After creating the coupon, it will be shown on the affiliate's dashboard as below:
When a customer makes a purchase from your shop using a coupon code, that order will be counted as a referral order. The customer will get the discount while the affiliate will get the commission from that order.
The commission for referral orders using the coupon code will be calculated based on the order value after applying the coupon.
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