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Auto-generate coupon
Settings > System > Affiliate link & coupon > Coupon
Update: You can now add a suffix or a prefix to generated coupons in order to classify the auto-generated coupons with others. (Scroll below to learn more)
Let's imagine you have affiliates joining regularly, assigning coupons for each member manually would be time-consuming and overwhelming because you need to create the discount on Shopify, then go back to the app and add the coupon for each affiliate. This 3-step manual task can totally be optimized with the function of automatically generating coupon upon a preset rule.
By enabling this feature, when your affiliates register, our system will create a coupon code for them automatically with the same discount rule you set in the sample coupon.
To enable auto-generate coupon, go to Settings > System > Affiliate link & coupon > Coupon > enable Auto Generate Coupons
To set up the sample coupon, please follow these 2 steps: 1. Create a sample coupon in Discounts section of your Shopify Admin (DO NOT select Automatic Discount because our system only checks referrals with normal Discount code).
2. Choose Coupon Name's Style (Affiliate's name, Random letters or Affiliates select while registering)
3. If you choose Affiliates select while registering, skip to step 4. You can also learn more about this option here: https://docs.uppromote.com/set-up/tracking-by-coupon/allow-affiliates-to-fill-in-their-preferred-coupon-code-while-registering
In case you choose the coupon format of Affiliate's name or Random letters, you can setup to add a prefix or suffix to the auto-generated coupons.
    Prefix: add characters to the beginning of the auto-generated coupons.
    Suffix: add characters to the end of the auto-generated coupons.
4. Enter created coupon with a description (optional) about its usage.

Auto-generate coupon for existing affiliates

In case you want to add a new coupon for the current affiliate list with bulk action, you can create a new sample coupon as instructed, then click the cyan button - Auto-generate coupon for existing affiliate to assign the code to all affiliates that haven't been assigned with this coupon.
The newly assigned coupon will be shown on affiliate account's dashboard.
You can also send Bulk email to affiliates to notify them about the new updates to make sure no affiliates would miss the new coupon.
Note: After creating sample coupon, you have an option to delete this sample coupon, also you can choose whether to remove all affiliate coupons that were generated by that sample coupon (just make sure that you inform your affiliates about this change)
Last modified 1mo ago