Customer referral program
Are you looking for a feature that allows your customers to refer their friends within UpPromote? Well, we are planning on developing the Customer referral program, which might be convenient for your business to manage both affiliate and customer referral campaign in one app. Kindly check out the preview and description of the function as below and let us know your thoughts about it.
NOTE: This doc is a demo for the feature we are planning on developing. It has not been officially released yet.

What you will get from this feature?

1. Easy-to-setup referral program
  • Activate/Deactivate the program with one click
  • Customize reward and discount amount easily
2. Noticeable widget on your website
  • Easy-to-share referral links
  • Set positions for widget on your website
  • Widget color and text settings
3. Potent rewards for customers and referred friends
  • Customer reward: Flat rate per order, Percent of sale
  • Friend discount: Fixed amount, Percentage, Free shipping
4. In-depth reports
  • Graphical report on conversions
  • Filter by date and time
  • Report on clicks, sales, referrals, commission for each customer
  • View successful referrals
5. Promptly email notifications
  • Reward email is sent instantly
  • Coupon code is easy to redeem
  • Customize email content and appearance
6. Sales booster
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Appealing discount for both customers and their friends
  • Enjoy growing sales with this program

Here’s how it works:

  1. 1.
    When enabling the feature, it will show a Refer & Earn widget at the bottom right corner of your website to prompt customers to click onto it.
NOTE: You can always change the location of the widget in settings.
2. After that, it will show a popup introducing customers about the Referral program to get a discount. A referral link will be provided instantly when they fill out their emails then click on Get invite link so they could utilize it to promote your store.
3. Customers' friends will get a discount at checkout automatically while purchasing via that invite link.
4. An email will be sent to customers when there are successful payments for their referrals. The email includes the customer's friend name, your shop name, the reward amount as well as a button to claim their rewards.
5. The Redeem your reward button will redirect customers to a portal where they can view their total referrals, commissions as well as claim these rewards for coupons to shop on your store.

How to set it up:

1. General settings
Go to Grow affiliate tools > Convert customers to affiliates > Customer referral > Settings > check on Active box to activate that feature.
From here, you can set up the Program name for these customers (the system will create a separate program for Customer Referral feature).
There are two types of Reward for your customers, which are Flat rate per order and Percent of sale that you can set a certain amount to. In the meanwhile, their friends can get Discount by Percentage, Fixed amount, Free shipping or no discount with option None.
2. Design
You can customize every detail of the popups and check for their real-time previews right on the Design tab.
3. Email notification
We’ve created a template for the referral emails, which you can fully customize and edit the content.

Real-time analytics

You can get graphical reports on conversion statistics like Clicks, Referrals, Sales, Commissions for the Customer Referral program and filter by date as well to evaluate the efficiency of the campaign with Performance of your affiliates chart on Dashboard.
In case you want to assess each customer’s performance, you can also find it in Top Affiliate board on Dashboard as well. This report is also downloadable in various forms so you can compare it with other affiliate programs or assess the effectiveness of customer referral program regarding total sales of your store.
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