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During the time of using UpPromote, you may find Dashboard contains a huge amount of information including registration form link, statistics, etc. which may have caused confusion to you. Listening to our beloved customer's voice, the UpPromote team has decided to split the old Dashboard into two new menus: Home and Analytics, which we believe will be more helpful for you in managing the affiliate program and assessing affiliates' performance with more details added in each page.


1. Overview

This section will show the overall performance of your affiliate campaign such as: the number of affiliates, clicks, orders, and sales in recent 7 days or 30 days so you could measure the effectiveness.
In case you would like to view more details of this overview statistics, please click on the Analytics hyperlink text below to get redirected to the Analytics page.

2. To-do list

This part will list out all pending tasks that you need to accomplish, related to approving/denying affiliates and referrals as well as commission payments to affiliates. You'll just need to click on the hyperlink text in order to be redirected to the correct page for review purposes.
Kindly note that Pending payments will navigate to the Manual Payout page only. For PayPal Payout, please manually go to that page and review the pending payments there.

3. Promote your registration form

You will be able to find the registration form link that can be provided to affiliates so they could register for your program. In case you would like to publish the registration form to your store, please follow the instruction in this article.
This section will also contain the links to edit the program's rule, edit the registration form as well as get the affiliate login link just by clicking Here in each following sentence.
If you find that the affiliate registration link, login link as well as network link with UpPromote domain are not a good fit for your brand, you can create a Custom domain for these links following this instruction.

4. Feature Directory

This search box acts as the menu of the app that lists out all features available in UpPromote, categorized into sub-menus so you can find the desired feature way easier. (Please click the View All button to see all features). Moreover, you can also click directly on the name of the feature you want and the system should redirect you to the corresponding page to set it up.


Analytics is now separated from Home. We hope that with this change, users can keep track of their affiliates’ performances more easily. The Analytics page contains the Performance of your affiliates graphs, Top affiliates table, and Product analytics table.

Performance of your affiliates

This section shows the overall performance of your affiliate team over time, including Total affiliates, Total orders, Total sales, Total clicks, Total commission, Referral source, Commission on sales, and Referral status.
There’re 2 filters: Date and Program. As soon as you change the filters, it will automatically apply to all graphs in the section. In each graph, you can hover your cursor over the line to see detailed data.

Top affiliates

This table shows each of the affiliate’s performances. There’re 3 filters: Date, Program, and (referral) Status. You can use the search bar to look for affiliate names and email addresses.
There’s a small icon in each column that you can use to sort/rank the affiliates based on the data there.
In case you want the Top affiliates table to show more information about the affiliates, you can click the Custom column and select more information columns.
The Export file option is also available if you would like to export the overall performance of your affiliates based on filters.

Product Analytics

This table shows the statistics for all products on your store as well as the ones which have been referred by your affiliates in the latest 30 days so you can compare those two data to measure if your affiliate campaign is running efficiently to boost sales.
Note: This table will only show up in Analytics if you enable it in Settings > Product analytics. Kindly read our document about this feature here.
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